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Thank you All!!
for the wonderful awards and E-mail
Love you all,for given me this awards.

Congratulations !
You have won our Silver Award.
This award is given for an excellent likeability and a
good quality of the art works exhibited.
The presentation and usability of your site is very good,
noteworthy, excellent, pleasant.
We are aware of the time and effort that goes into
creating such a web site, that's why
we are very pleased to present you with the KARA ART

A. Karamaounas and the staff.

01/07/2004 Geneva/Switzerland

Our professional panel agrees that your site is
everything you believe it is! We are pleased to
present you with a 2004 United States Web Award for
providing a US FRIENDLY, informative web site.
Based on our review of your site we are presenting you
with a GOOD rating!

> United States Webawards!


Congratulations from all the staff at Art Space You have won the "World Web Award of
Excellence" for
originality, overall design and appearance, ease of
navigation, and content.
Keep up the good work.

Awael WebTools Team is pleased to annouce your site
has been
reviewed and you have won our Silver Award of Awael
The sites are judged on content, functionality,
graphics and usefulness
to the general public. We spend a lot of time
reviewing sites and not
all make the grade.
R E S U L T :
You have won our Silver Award of Awael[.net]