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This is a poem I wrote to express my childhood
of war.It
seems just as apt now and that is sad.

It goes like this:

"Sky and land aflame with red and golden fire,

Viewed through the distorted
lens of childhood . .

Inexplicably mingled in, the sights, the soundsand the solitude,
The war was bad, the harvests good.
Shrines of a proud people now still stand,

Season to season, unchanged and unbending;
wild spirit to wild spirit sighs, it was ever so. .

Beyond Man's
inhumanity the blood red poppies grow, bounty for a

Thatched roofs nestle into ancient flowing land,
Beyond the rubble of hate and greed a lonely schoolhouse

Reminder of days past, years gone,
the fires burn on, the fires burn on.

I long to walk into those hills
once green, to ask the question reason only mocks,

Was He here too, and
did His feet once tread on hallowed ground where now
we lay our dead?
God is love they'd said".

Miriam Lisbons POEM©

A poem of Shirley Frances Winskill©
Let deep Love be my pillow, 'til all the nights are
But, oh, I should not dare to tell the dream,
And let yours be the shadow I drift to sleep upon,
While poppy-children dust the pale moon's beam.

Then let me see the fountain, where wishing-coins lie
That all my secret longings may come true,
And let me climb the mountain, into the Vale-of-Sleep,
For, oh, a drowsy sense of Love, and you.

If wishes were all poppy-dust, and dreams were growing
I wouldn't wish for wealth, nor precious jewels,
I'd run, and gather baskets-full of Love, for you and
And leave the rest for Misers, and for Fools.

by Shirley Frances Winskill.

Another poem of Shirley Frances Winskill©

Let's drift to dream, enwrapt in Love
'til all the nights are gone.
Like starlight children, lost above,
we'll turn our lanterns on.

Let's sprinkle moon-dust in our eyes,
tie love-knots in our hair,
Then fly to where the fountain lies
in the 'Lake of no-more-care'.

Let's bathe in Love and pure delight,
then roll away the rain,
Make pillows from the velvet night,
then laugh and Love again.

This Earth was made for us, my Love,
lovers, like you and me,
Let's drift to paradise, above,
across the tideless sea.

And there, I'll kiss your eyes awake,
and there, you shall be free
To gather all my Love, and take
the World, for you and me.

by Shirley Frances Winskill©.
another one of Frances


"Spirit, with the Power of Flight,
what do you do all day?
I saw you with the Stars last night, when the Moon came out to play".

'I tell the Sun to climb the sky
to ripen fields of wheat,
I tell the gentle rain to paint
the poppies, at your feet'.

"But, Spirit, with the Power of Flight,
where do you go then"?
'I fly on wings of Butterflies
to Dreamland, once again'.